A good dance studio insurance policy can help keep you on your feet.

Whether it’s a broken water pipe or a broken leg, insurance can protect you from financial loss.

If you’re a traditional dance studio teaching predominately youth dance, you probably know about the need for property and casualty coverage. But not all insurance programs dance to the same tune. The questions that you may consider asking:

  • Does the program provide the coverage and loss control services to help you in reducing your risks to protect your school?
  • Does the company's claims team have experience handling highly emotional claims involving children?
  • Does the company have loss control specialist who can help you make your studio safer?
  • Is the company recognized for its customer service and claims service?

If you have a traditional dance studio that teaches Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip hop, Modern dance, Traditional dance or Creative Movement and/or Baton, then you are in luck; Markel Specialty can offer commercial general liability and property coverage just for you.

Why do you need insurance for your dance studio?

For over 40 years, Markel Specialty has been providing specialized coverage to help keep your school or studio on its feet. Markel Specialty’s experience and quality of programs can help you get the right coverage for your needs. And that can help you keep your focus on training the next generation of dance stars.

Any serious injury to your students your students can cause an emotional trauma for you and everyone in your school. But there’s also the financial trauma you alone could face. That’s why you should carry liability insurance.

Not only does Markel Specialty offer to qualified customers general liability insurance, but we can also offer other types of insurance you may need to help you protect yourself and your studio. As an example, what would you do if a pipe freezes and floods your studio? Or if you have to close your studio due to a covered loss – what will you do for income and expenses?

Thankfully, Markel Specialty's dance studio insurance can cover you for these very real scenarios, and many others too!

What insurance coverages are available for qualified dance studios?

With Markel Specialty’s special dance studio insurance program, you may not only get property and liability coverage, but you can also get excess liability to provide extra insurance protection, excess accident medical, and even crime coverage to cover employee dishonesty and more.

General liability
Commercial general liability insurance covers you if you are sued by someone who claims that you caused their physical injury or damaged their property. You can choose the level of general liability insurance protection you need:

  • $500,000 per occurrence/$1.5 million aggregate*
  • $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate*

Optional coverages you can add to your policy:

  • Abuse and molestation
  • Competitions and exhibitions – insurance protection for you when you participate in competitions and tournaments that you do not sponsor
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Off-premises activities
  • Special events and fundraisers for current policyholders
  • Blanket Additional Insured’s included at no additional cost – used for landlords for locations on the policy, recitals, performances and demonstrations.

Accident medical (required)
Accident medical insurance can cover students’ medical bills if they are injured at your studio or during activities you sponsor and have no insurance of their own, or their bills exceed what their insurance pays. Accident medical insurance is sold as a minimum earned premium policy. In the event you cancel your policy, we will retain the minimum premium. Accident medical insurance is mandatory for dance studios. With limits up to $10,000.

Property coverage

Insurance cover for your building whether you own or rent.

Business income
If your studio is temporarily closed due to a covered loss, this insurance covers your lost income and continuing expenses.

Business personal property
Protects the content of your studio.

Business personal property
Insurance coverage for your office furniture and fixtures if they are damaged by a covered cause of loss.

Systems breakdown
Insurance coverage for break downs of mechanical, electrical, or pressure system. This includes heating and air conditioning systems, computers, boilers, refrigerators, hot water heaters, and telephone systems.

Other optional business coverages

Camps and Clinics
Insurance coverage for camp or clinic.

Covers you if an employee steals money, securities, or other property.

Inland marine
Property coverage for items specifically listed on the policy (also referred to as scheduled property) that may be taken off-premises.

Excess liability
Excess liability insurance provides additional protection that takes effect after you’ve gone above the limits of your general liability insurance. We offer limits up to $5 million.

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